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Our Policy
Our Policy



Dear Valued Guests!

Thank you so much for choosing Laundry Lady.

Please note all the guest come to our shop allow our policies as below:

  1. Giving laundry’s steps

Step 1: Weighting the clothes

Step 2: Choosing kind of service you want:

+ Standard Service: Will be done longer than 8 hours, cost 1.5$/kg

+ Premium Service: Will be done around 4 hours, cost 1.99$/kg

+ Supper quick Service: Will be done within 2 hours, cost 2.99$/kg.

Step 3: Special request: Saperate color & white clothes, dry temperature,...

Step 4: Getting bill and payment. Please keep the bill until you get back your stuff. Please note give all information about you for our staff to make clear in the bill like name, contact, hotel address...

  1. We are not give back laundry if anyone don’t show your bill and no responsibility for shrinkage, stains if you don’t give any special request for washing.
  2. Stain removal at owener’s risk. If we find stains or damage we will contact your firstfor approval before processing.
  3. No claims can be honorred after 24 hours.
  4. Delivery on request: If you have over than 5kg we will free delivery in old quarter and less than 5kg we will charge 1$.

Thanks again for using our service. Please review us on Google Business with 5 star!

Yours Faithfully!

Mike Ngo (Mr)


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